Welcome to the Planning Space for the 2006-07 Neighborhood Independent School Collaborative (NISC)

  • Member Schools
The Lovett School, Pace Academy, Trinity School, Atlanta Girls’ School, Atlanta Speech School, and The Westminster Schools

  • Mission Statement
Acknowledging the common community shared by our neighboring independent schools, our mission is to collaborate on planning educational and enrichment opportunities regarding issues of character and parenting in our current culture. We are committed to working together in a supportive and positive spirit that benefits our collective community and honors our individual schools' missions.

  • Site Purpose
The purpose of this site is to serve as a home for our collaborative planning and discussion. We can post resource links, contact information, program outlines, etc.- all of which can be easily shared and edited here!

  • 2006-07 Collaboration
The 2006-07 NISC topic will be the Internet. As many of you know, the launch event for this is set for November 1-3rd when Parry Aftab, cyber lawyer and safety expert, will spend three days and two evenings with our community. Parry's schedule can be viewed at [http://nisc.pbwiki.com/ParryAftabSchedule|Parry Aftab Schedule].

The following links will take you to the individual wiki pages for each work group and certain resources. Before getting started, here are few little notes:

- Each of these pages is editable by authorized users.
- Users: Please be sure to log in so that your name is attributed to changes and comments.
- When editing text, please use the strikethrough tool in the upper right hand corner--this will help identify changes.
- If you need the password, or a little direction, please contact [[laura@augusthouse.com|Laura Deisley]] or [[wkjellstrom@trinityatl.org|Willy Kjellstrom]]