Educators, please use this page to share best practices and ideas/resources for integrating technology, particularly web 2.0 tools, into the classroom and school community.

The Lovett School

The Lovett School is engaged in a number of projects across our K-12 Curriculum:

Lower School Projects:

3rd Grade teacher/student blog sites:
Dora Xavier -
Louise Ray/Jessica Addington -
Rebecca Brown -
Janice Lane -

4th Grade teacher/student blog sites:
Mary Lou Williams -
Laurie Smilack -

Science Robotics Blog:

4th Grade podcasts:
Rozzie Bird explorer project (class sampling):

5th Grade Melodrama podcasts: (these take awhile to load but they are worth it)
Kimerberly Moriarty - (class sampling) voice recording only

Middle School Projects

Jeff Morrison's 6th Grade Social Studies:
Students' Civil Rights Podcast website:
Jeff Morrison's professional Blog:
Professional research wiki {a work in progress}