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  • This year, the NISC will examine safety issues and educational opportunities surrounding the new tools that are emerging on the Internet.
  • To get started, take a look at a video we've developed on YouTube to introduce our topic (see below).
  • When you finish watching the video, please take some time to join this NISC website (directions appear after the video). It is a wiki which means that you can contribute!

Join the Wiki

Please follow the steps below to join the NISC wiki or, if you prefer, you can watch a movie tutorial that shows you how.
  1. Click on Join in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. Create a username (anonymous like first name and last initial), password, and enter your email address. Click the Join button.
  3. Return to the NISC wiki and click on Join this Space on the left side of the screen beneath Wiki Tools.
  4. Type a brief message in the comment section identifying yourself and your school affiliation (your message will only be viewed by the NISC organizers so it is okay to give your full name). Click the Request Membership button.

Internet Safety

The NISC is compiling a list of resources to better guide educators on how to keep our kids safe online. Please help us build this list by adding new web resources and establishing additional categories in the page below.

Educators: Internet Safety Resources

Things to Know

Becoming more aware of the tools that students are using is an important component of keeping young people safe online. Visit the three “things to know” categories below and enhance your background knowledge.

Weblogs and Wikis: These unique tools help people share ideas through written community building.

Social Networking Applications: Perhaps the most salient of all of the new web tools, social networking applications like MySpace, Facebook, and AIM are dominating the web landscape.

Audio and Video Tools: Creating, uploading, and sharing audio and video on the Internet is rapidly becoming a facet of young people's lives.

Ways to Contribute

One of the most important features of a wiki versus a standard web page is the ability for users to contribute content. On the NISC wiki, there are several ways in which users (that means you!) can contribute:
  • Discussion Boards: In the upper right hand corner of each page you will see the word "discussion". This enables users to comment on the page. For more information, see the video in Wiki Help on how to use the discussion boards
  • Blog Comments: The NISC weblog is like an online journal with postings from NISC committee members (faculty and parents) as well as invited guests. We invite you to comment on the posts by clicking on the Comment hot link below each post and voicing your opinion, thoughts, and general responses.
  • Community Page Creation: In order to have the broader community involved in building the NISC wiki, we've started two pages for you. You are welcome to add information to these pages, as well as create your own relevant page. Please refer to the Wiki Help section for editing guidance.
    • Innovative Ideas: This is a page where educators can share knowledge on innovative classroom uses of new web tools
    • At Home with the Internet: Parents can work with other parents here to share information and ask questions about managing computer use and the Internet at home.
    • What other pages can you begin?


Throughout the 2006-07 school year NISC schools will offer several events including speakers, workshops, and a student collaboration. To keep up with the events, please click on Upcoming Events or use the Navigation link to Upcoming Events.

Get Some Help

There are a number of ways for you to receive help using the NISC wiki. You can watch movies that show how to join the NISC wiki, edit pages, add a new page, or use the discussion boards on each page. There is also written help beneath each movie. All of this is found in the Wiki Help page which can be accessed on the left side of each page.

As a last resort, you can send your questions or comments to