Member Schools

The Lovett School, Pace Academy, Trinity School, Atlanta Girls’ School, Atlanta Speech School, and The Westminster Schools

Mission Statement

Acknowledging the common community shared by our neighboring independent schools, our mission is to collaborate on planning educational and enrichment opportunities regarding issues of character and parenting in our current culture. We are committed to working together in a supportive and positive spirit that benefits our collective community and honors our individual schools' missions.

2006-07 Topic

During the 2006-07 school, the NISC will focus its efforts on exploring the Internet: the safety issues, the new Read Write Web, and the educational value of the internet and new web tools

NISC Members and Contact Information

For more information on NISC please contact Laura Deisley, 2006-07 NISC coordinator, (404-936-8535 or or one of your school representatives noted below:

Atlanta Girls School

Anne Thomerson (staff)

Cam Fenton (parent)

Mernie Williams (parent)

Elizabeth Cohen (staff)

The Lovett School

Laura Deisley (parent)

Beth Corrie (staff)

Betsy James (parent)

Donna Becker (staff)

Jim Wingate (staff)

Pace Academy

Alli Allen (parent)

Linda Davis (parent)

Barbara Lager(parent)

Trish Anderson (staff)

Rebecca Roark (staff/parent)

Lori Zwecker (parent)

JoRay VanVliet (staff)

Trinity School

Susan McCaffrey (parent)

Mace Hall (parent)

Mary Chu (parent)

Cheryl Krupczak (parent)

Willy Kjellstrom(staff)

The Westminster Schools

Marie Denning (parent)

Janet Lavine (parent)

Lisa Menendez (parent)

Jere Wells (staff)